My story is essentially about a journey from being a web developer to becoming a product manager within a large newspaper chain in Canada over the past 10 years.  Actually, this July 2, 2010 marks my 10th anniversary with the same company.

I started teaching myself Perl, HTML, Javascript, and SQL back in 1996.  By 1998, I had a pretty robust little web development business going as I put myself  back through University for a B.A. in Media and Information studies.  I thought I would pursue my entrepreneurial little enterprise, when I read a posting for an “HTML Editor” for a online portal start-up being run as an experiment by the larger media company.  I almost didn’t apply.  After all, I was a web developer, not a lowly HTML editor.  I am glad I did fax that resume in minutes before the deadline.  To my surprise, I got a call back a few minutes later and within a day, I was hired.

Now ten years later, I have transitioned from web development (yes, I became a “web developer” within the company) to product development to product management.  And the fun is just beginning.

My goal with this blog,  Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and the various sites I plan to establish over the next few months are aimed at helping me bring out my inner geek again.  In a vast new world of social media, user generated content, citizen journalism, virtual worlds, multiple channels, endless audiences, it is time to immerse me in this new world and see  what I can discover about where newspapers need to be going forward.

Pretty bold ambitions, but let it start with a single blog posting.  Hey everyone, Let’s share!